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Chicken Race 1.5.4

A two-player game
Get the worm before your opponent does

iSlideSaver 1.2.1

Create your own SlideSavers in one click..


Infernum 1.2

A spooky Sokoban-clone.
Hunt the ghosts down to their graves,
so they can rest in peace

File Matey 1.1.2

File Matey is a user friendly file utility for the ordinary Mac user.
It's advanced but at the same time very simple to use


The Magic Card 1.0

Let the computer figure out which card your thinking about.


SpaceControl 1.1.3

SpaceControl will appear in your menu bar
showing how much free space there are
available on your startup disk and alert you if your free space goes below your choosen limit.


TigerDock 1.0

Change your dock from the new 3D-look to the old(more like Tiger) 2D-look or reverse.