SpaceControl 1.1.3

News in 1.1.2
* Fixed a bug where SpaceControl displayed the wrong amount of free space when using a non-default font size.
News in 1.1.1
* Possibility to deactivate the menu icon
News in 1.1.0
* Support for Snow Leopard
*Added icon in menu.
* Warnings for other volumes
*Warnings for other volumes through mail

*SMTP Authentication, password isn't not being shown
*You can now change port number for outgoing mail warning.
*Some minor bugs fixed.

News in 1.0.3
* Fixed leaking memorybug
* Support for email warnings.

News in 1.0.2
* Some text and graphic fixup's
* Checked in MacOs 10.5

News in 1.0.1
* Added "Total Free Space" in Menu.
* Major Bug fix.




What is SpaceControl? What does it do?
SpaceControl is designed to be simple. Download the application, unpack the file and drag the application (the one with the hard disk icon) to your Applications folder. Launch SpaceControl. A text will appear in your menu bar showing how much free space there are available on your startup disk. Click on the menu item and submenus will apere, showing information about all disks or volumes mounted on your desktop.
If you want SpaceControl to start everytime you log o to your Mac you can choose that option in the Preference window. You can also make some choises about how you want the menu item to appear.

What will SpaceControl do if I run out of free space on my startup disk?
SpaceControl will warn you when the free space available on your startup disk goes below the choosen limit.You could choose to get your warning through E-mail. You can change the limit at which you get a warning, in the Preference windows. When you break that limit, SpaceControl will warn you by changing the color of it's text in the menu and also put up a messagebox to warn you.

SpaceControl also have support to warn the user for other Volumes then the start up disk.


Here are some screenshots from SpaceControl











Showing your available space on your system disk. Have your second volumes listed. Disk space beyond your limit, Warning! Choose your preferd amount of free disk space. SpaceControl alerts with sound and pop-up screen

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